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Everytime I passed through newsstands in Barcelona, specially the ones in Barceloneta, I saw they had so much potential if they offered specialty coffee. But the world is full of people who have ideas and do not execute them. Pablo, instead, is an Argentinian long living in Barcelona who has the opposite profile, he put his ideas to work and creates nice stuff. So what he did was to figure out a way to have specialty coffee and magazines all together: and in 2019 News and Coffee was created in a newsstand near Arc de Triomphe. He has a history of putting places to be run and creating new ideas, especially in gastronomy scene in Barcelona, and it was a great pleasure to know him.
News and Coffee has Espresso Mafia coffee, roasted in Girona, and works with great Victoria Arduino Machine. They also offer, of course, a great variety of specialized coffee magazines amongst others niche sectors, local and international newspapers.
For us, News and Coffee deserves to take the place of the most innovative opening in 2019, and is set up to be successful in 2020. As we said before, places there are not expected to have specialty coffee are our preferred ones because they show the potential of specialty coffee scene in the future.
Besides the great Brazilian Espresso we had, Pablo also offers batch brew in the Mochamaster, which is amazing considering he has just a tiny space to brew coffee. In this way, you can buy your prefered read, and leave with a perfect clean cup of coffee with you.
Congratulations NEWS AND COFFEE!

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Pg. de Sant Joan, 17-19, 2n-1a, 08010 Barcelona, Spain


41.39269642, 2.17797853

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