La Fuga Barcelona

La Fuga Barcelona is surely a singular spot in Barcelona. Well known by ciclism enthusiasts, the cafe has a mix of sportive events gathering, restaurant, ice cream shop and the cafeteria. The passion for ciclism, can be seen in all the details of this vast space in Eixample.
Being an Eroica space, it had to be great in matter of concerning with food, and product selection, very valued in Italian culture. Fortunately, this time, we could enjoy a full meal experience there. We began choosing a Caprese Salad, that was a reinterpretation of the common Caprese seen around: tomatoes could only be seen in a tiny jelly spot above the tasteful burrata, but the combination of flavours of the dish was perfect! As for main dish we ordered a ragu pappardelle that was astonishing: fresh pasta, homemade sauce made our night.
After that, we met Miguel, the owner – and complimented him for the great food we had, and he told us a brief story of why he chose to work with FAEMA machines in his café: he has an old background in cycling and he remembered FAEMA as being a cycling team in the past (when FAEMA decided to invest heavily in marketing in the 70´s, supporting cycling teams in a very assertive decision) – but did not know they had so much quality and innovation in espresso machines (in 1961 they invented the first machine that did not use the lever because of a volumetric pump and also did the pre infusion of the ground bean before the extraction). Has that been said, he decided to unite his passion with bicycles and specialty coffee that he recently learned and never left anymore.
The espresso was extracted to perfection – even crema, not one sign of bitterness and great colombian beans roasted by ANIMAL COFFEE.
Eroica also organizes a series of events of cycling around the region, and has events even for people who are willing to start in this world: no pre skills required and no one left behind. The space inside is huge, they even have an APPEROL thematic tricycle (classic italian drink) and many flavours of artisan italian Ice Cream. So we really recommend you to have something to eat in this amazing spot on our MAP, or at least pass by and have a sip of a great espresso.

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C. del Consell de Cent, 350, 08009 Barcelona, Spain


41.393733180668, 2.1692410657428

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