Jacaranda Café

My main challenge in Specialty Coffee is to bring more people to this world. And it is the most difficult thing to do: to convince someone that has been drinking coffee since its birth that the quality and way he/she drinks is not the best one. And one of the most challenging acts is to offer specialty coffee in a region or place that is not very usual.
Jacaranda Café, run by Orlando and Julia was one of these courageous businesses by opening a shop in the neighbourhood of HORTA in Barcelona. Where there was no offer and few people with this culture.
But you can, with lots of love and providing a good service, change that and bring more people to this world. Most of the times I have been in their shop, I found not only a relatively good movement, but also elderly people from around tasting their coffee and products. It means that, even with a higher price than shops of commercial coffee that exist there, people are being attracted by the experience and quality of service.
Their tiny coffee shop is visibly taken care of by heart in all aspects. Orlando is Peruvian, and has named JACARANDA CAFÉ after a beautiful tree that has much presence in South America, that remembers him of his childhood back there. They use their own coffee as home roaster, extracted in a La Marzocco machine. I can say I have never drunk a bad espresso there!. You can also find good snacks, sweets (all made by the couple), and GARAGE craft beer too! From time to time Orlando and Julia offer a typical peruvian dish, usually at lunch time.
I became a loyal customer and I like to go there especially when I want to stay away from the so crowded city center of Barcelona!
Congrats Orlando and Julia for the initiative. You have my loyalty!

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Baixada de la Plana, 49, 08032 Barcelona, Spain


41.4305794, 2.158762

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