Café Fosc

Our search for innovation and not very obvious places took us straight to Cafe Fosc. In the same street as one of our preferred coffee shops in Barcelona, Brew Coffee, Cafe Fosc appears as an innovative place to offer coffee and food. It is the restaurant of Fab Cafe, a space of digital fabrication, or in a very resumed way to say, a place in which you can 3D print, scan, and laser cut tons of stuff. Nowadays 3D printing is revolutionary in ways you can make prototypes literally in minutes, which can save you so much energy and resources and boost your productivity to space!

Many people related to industrial design, robotics and so many others pass by there, so imagine how much knowledge can be changed and created in this place. But for this, you will need energy and concentration. So Cafe Fosc is there to offer you great functional foods and GREAT COFFEE of course.

They use to have NOMAD and invited roasters alternating between them in filter and espresso; often you can find a guest roaster in there! Their daily menu always changes and is extremely flavourful. Some 5 to 6 tables compound their small and cozy place. Being run by Fabiola and Eva each one of them with their special gift.

Service is perfect, and their playlists are applause worthy. We had a Slow Mov batch brew and a NOMAD espresso, both very well extracted.

Thank you, girls! Be back many more times to eat drink and listen!

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C/ de Bailèn, 11, 08010 Barcelona, Spain


41.391716202676, 2.1770516852573

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