Café de Finca

Café de Finca started with Jonathan in 2009. But shortly after, in 2014, Juan joined the adventure and since then the two of us have captained the ship hand in hand. Now, more than 10 vintages later, it is dizzying to look back and see how far the idea has progressed. It has been a difficult road, but exciting; full of challenges that seemed impossible and to which we have always had the same attitude: work twice as hard. And do better.

From the beginning we have wanted to go to the origin, set foot on the farm, visit the producing countries such as Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala… Deal there face to face with the producers. And taste, debate and even experiment with them

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Carrer de Sevilla, 18 – Castedefels


41.272750904386, 1.9803016123964

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