Bond Cafe

I have special care for Bond Cafe because it was, along with Bermont Coffee, Onna and Syra, one of the first coffee shops visited here in Barcelona. Back then, I and Bianca had only an idea about doing something related to coffee.

As I am a very communicative person, I started chatting with Oriol with my even worse Spanish back then, and I was very well received, I was discovering new origins because in Brazil it is forbidden to import green beans from abroad, so even that I already had some good knowledge about coffee I could not taste so many different origins there. I remember asking for a double espresso obviously and an African origin filter, extracted to perfection. Oriol is related to NOMAD COFFEE owners, so he uses their amazing beans

He opened his shop, after assuming the old ANIMAL COFFEE situated in Gracia, in 2017, when specialty coffee was still starting to flourish in Barcelona and wanted to have, besides specialty coffee a good offer of healthy food, juices, and good music. As a James Bond fan, he has great material on this great filmography present in our lives.

Oriol had experience in gastronomy and hostelry, mainly in the creation of menus of plates, wines, and spirits. When he saw the great and courageous job that Jordi, owner of NOMAD COFFEE had done, he started to study coffee and was surprised about the size of the world it opened to him. So, after a time away from this market he saw the opportunity of opening someplace in which he could offer all that we cited above! And he did and does till present.

Bond is located in Saint Gervasi, it has a great vibe, with loads of natural light and amazing service, interchanged between Oriol and the barista. About coffee, NOMAD beans and passion for it make it the perfect equation!

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Carrer de l'Avenir, 44, 08021 Barcelona, Spain


41.395567372386, 2.1463559938898

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