Days ago we were practically talking about cold drip, iced latte and it seems incredible how quickly they have been left behind.And since we adapt to cold, coffee must also adapt to lower temperatures. Because today, for example, I have prepared a v60 as I usually do, I did not realize it and after taking a few sips it was completely cold. So here are some little tips and gadgets that will help maintain the temperature of the coffee or simply that it does not cool down so quickly.

For espresso-type drinks, most professionals will have the upper tray in their machine that provides the cups with a good warmth, it is important to check the operation of this tray or that the heat transmission is effective or at least make sure that we prepare coffee with a cup that is not cold like your ex. Otherwise, when preparing an espresso, it will literally be cold within seconds.

In case you do not have a machine that can provide that residual heat for your cups and glasses or one that does not have a dedicated resistance there are several less common ways to preheat the cup, such as: launching steam directly on the cup, this is done very quickly and we do not have to get away from the machine to do it, leaving it 10 seconds would be enough, you can check it yourself according to the power of the steam. Be careful because many times it will condense and leave some water inside the cup. With a cloth or paper you can dry the cup, if not most of the time it will be enough to overturn it and empty the possible condensation. Some drops can still remain in, but I consider that a drop of extra water is preferable in the extraction than 15 or 20 degrees less of temperature to your coffee cup.


Another way would be to purge so that the group´s water falls directly into the cup and thus warms it up. With this method we will clearly obtain enough water in the cup but on the contrary it will heat it before, also in the same way to dry it etc. Finally, we can heat up the cup at home using the mmicrowave by adding water in the cup and heating it for approximately 1 min: this method is obviously not efficient at all for a coffee shop, but if you are a home barista and want to keep your espresso at the ideal temperature for longer, try this and tell me what you think.

Regarding the filtered methods or those using a high proportion of water … the options are somewhat more diverse, from applying the same as in the espresso cups, or heating the cup with the water from the kettle. But on many occasions this is not enough, and as the cold weather comes closer. I want you to be prepared and not be caught by surprise like me today!

Preheat the portafilter always! Does not matter which gadget you use, Moccamaster, Hario V60, Kalita, etc. The ground coffee  will always lower the temperature in cup as the thermal shock will be greater and will yield those degrees less to the water that we use to prepare our filter, but this is inevitable.

In methods using ceramic or metalic portafilters, I find it very useful to leave the gadget on top of the electric kettle until the water reaches the right temperature. this will make the evaporated water to heat the gadget enough to not cause brutal temperatura losses. But be careful with this, make sure that the material of your filter it will not be damaged by the temperature your kettle reaches. As seen below:

In the Moccamaster for example, I fill the amount of 2 cups of water (250gr) and let it heat the entire circuit, filter holder and jug, then fill with the amount of coffee and water that I am going to use. We should also properly preheat the container where our coffee falls, without fear, so that the temperature is maintained. Sometimes the residual water from cleaning the paper filter can not be enough. Addind the ground coffee, the weather, and others, we have to compensate for these degrees less by heating the containers at a good temperature (similar to the coffee being poured).

Then there is another key element in maintaining the ideal temperature for longer, and these are the materials in which the coffee is made and where it is stored. In my moccamaster I have a wonderful jug, which I recommend more than any other because seriously … it is crazy, I do not know what technology has been used in that jug, but if Frodo had the mission of melting another ring, he could put a little bit of that lava inside it and keep it warm for centuries. By mornings throughout this week, I made myself a moccamaster: 500 ml of great coffee by 7 am in the morning, and surprisingly when returning home at around 4 pm, the coffee was still drinkable in that jar!



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Little to comment on this thermos, which I even recommend to those who do not have a moccamaster because it works wonders. It is large and for domestic use it is somewhat coarse, but if you are a few and you drink a lot of coffee it is a very good option, I have even taken it to a picnic and it is really great.


Well, this thermos really meets the needs of most of us, for the amount it is capable of storing and for how portable it is, for personal use I recommend it without a doubt and not only to take it to work on the street etc. but also to not lose temperature in the filters that you make at home.


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Seriously, there may be a solution to this temperature problem that is so functional and that pretty. This jug will isolate your drink from the cold and also will not lose the good appearance of the classic hario jug, that is if it is not as portable as the 350ml thermos option, but what else is precious. As against, although it is logical, we do not see the coffee that falls or if we have forgotten water inside when washing the paper filter, so be careful.



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I use this type of thermos sometimes instead of carrying a bottle of water, to carry a cold drink or sometimes filter coffee. It is the cheapest and apparently has the double wall technology that the rest have, although even so I assure you that it has nothing to do with the ability to keep warm compared to the rest, so if your expectations are very low and you intend having your coffee relatively quickly would not be a bad option.


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In this case I have used this example, but I consider that there are more beautiful options on a roaster´s website. I consider it a good option to go to a cafeteria and ask if they can serve you in your cup to avoid single-use items, with the current situation not all cafeterias that fill your cup. Even so, it is a good option to put your drink and keep it warm during the time you are drinking it, since sometimes you will not be able to drink directly from the thermos.

This article was written by Dani Rojo, my great friend from specialty coffee here in Barcelona! And founder of HARMONY COFFEE ROASTERS We will be doing a series of articles related to coffee and coffee products! Stay tuned when DANI GOES UNFILTERED

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