We all have that coffee geek friend and we know that a specialty coffee-related gift will always please that person. So if you are about to gift someone who loves coffee, this list will fit perfectly for you. On the other hand, if you are a specialty coffee lover, you can always “accidentally” let a link to this article fall into the hands of someone that is likely to grant you a gift.

So let’s go to it!

1 of 21 Best Gifts for a Specialty Coffee Lover: Book Al Grano by Kim Barista

It is one of the best, if not the best books about specialty coffee in Spanish you will ever give someone! Kim Ossenblock or Kim Barista as he is known in the Specialty Coffee community has revolutionized the way of teaching specialty coffee to laypeople through the internet and this book is a must-have on your bookshelf

2 out of 21 Best Gifts for a Specialty Coffee Lover: Huskee Cup

HuskeeCup is a project developed by a coffee producer in order to reuse the coffee husks from his harvests. By doing that, a very cool and award-winning design cup was born that has variations of sizes and colors, and you can find it in many places in Europe.
Our website even has an article interviewing Michael McFarlane, the HuskeeSwap operations manager where he tells us a lot about the company!

3 out of 21 Best Gifts for a Specialty Coffee Lover: Aeropress

The Aeropress is a super versatile device and a fast way to brew your coffee. It gives you a soft but still more bodied version of filtered coffee. Its way of working is by pressure and it may seem like rocket science if seen for the first time by someone who is not familiarized with specialty coffee but at the end of the day, I would risk saying that it is one of the 3 most easy ways of brewing coffee. Besides all that, it is cheap, it is long-lasting and will never be a bad choice for a small and modest gift!

Aeropress extraction at EsBien

4 out of 21 Best Gifts for a Specialty Coffee Lover: Kit Hario V60

A Hario Kit will never be a bad gift for a specialty coffee lover. Even if your friend already has one Hario Support, another color will always look cool on one’s shelves and the jar that comes along is very charming and has many functions for hot and cold beverages. The kit has filter support, a measuring spoon, a nice delicate jar, and some paper filters for the perfect brewing.

5 out of 21 Best Gifts for a Specialty Coffee Lover: The Famous Chemex Jar

The Chemex Jar is super iconic and beautiful. I would risk saying that this jar could be a gift even for a person that is not a specialty coffee lover because it is by itself a cool decoration object to the house. The Chemex is featured in MOMA´s collection so you can have an idea of how cool the design is. As for brewing it is also extremely photogenic and the result of extracting in the Chemex method is a very clean cup, and the other advantage is its capacity. You can easily do 750ml of coffee in one batch, so when you are with big groups it is the ideal filtered method to be done!

6 out of 21 Best Gifts for a Specialty Coffee Lover: Trinity Coffee Machine

The Trinity Coffee Machine is, besides being an amazing multi-extraction methods machine, a decoration object for your coffee spot or your kitchen. Its colors and wooden details make it perfect for it to appear in that fancy deco photo of your place. You can make an immersion extraction, a filter extraction, and an espresso extraction depending on your mood on that given day. For the fanciest specialty coffee friends, that is the ideal gift!

7 out of 21 Best Gifts for a Specialty Coffee Lover: Moccamaster

Do You have that friend that loves specialty coffee, drinks a huge amount of it every day but is such a lazy bastard? Make him happy and give the poor guy a Moccamaster. The gadget is designed for batch brews and is good for brewing great quantities of it. It is simple, add the paper filter, add the desired amount of coffee, press the button, and let the magic begin!

8 out of 21 Best Gifts for a Specialty Coffee Lover: Delter Coffee Press

Delter Coffee is an innovative and designed award-winning method of brewing specialty coffee. It is very light, has its amazing transparency that allows you to see coffee being extracted, and is also really easy to clean. Surprise your specialty coffee lover friend with it!

9 out of 21 Best Gifts for a Specialty Coffee Lover: Manual del barista professional Book

Another very interesting book for baristas that can cheer up a coffee lover’s day, is by Scott Rao, a very known figure in the specialty coffee world.

10 out of 21 Best Gifts for a Specialty Coffee Lover: Acaia Digital Lunar Scale

When it comes to design and precision, nothing better than Acaia. This tiny, charming scale is the dream of every specialty coffee lover because its precision is really amazing. Many baristas and cafeterias used it under the espresso cup because it fits very well in the tray under the portafilter to measure its extraction patterns of it.

11 out of 21 Best Gifts for a Specialty Coffee Lover: Graef Home Grinder

This grinder is the perfect solution for your home once it has a really good price, has metal burrs that allow a more uniform pattern of ground coffee, and has a very nice design. It feels like a mini cafeteria grinder, and the specialty coffee lover will be dazzled by that.

12 out of 21 Best Gifts for a Specialty Coffee Lover: Time more Chestnut Manual Grinder

In my opinion, the best choice for a manual grinder. Its price is a third of the most known and famous brand COMANDANTE, and its performance is really similar to it. So unless you wanna really impress your specialty coffee lover friend with a very precise and high-end grinder, go with Timemore that he will be equally impressed and you will still have money to give some more gifts!

13 out of 21 Best Gifts for a Specialty Coffee Lover: Kichly French Press

The french press is a very popular method of brewing coffee even before the “third wave” of specialty coffee. It has gained its place in the world’s households for a very long, because of its easiness to brew and it is very rich, and bodied coffees that most people are used to. Because it is so popular, its volume of sales has allowed it to reach great prices for a cool tool to have at home. If you want to know how to brew in the french press, you can go to this great article of the 8 most amazing ways to brew your coffee at home.

14 out of 21 Best Gifts for a Specialty Coffee Lover: Fackelmann Filter Support (Melitta compatible)

Are you on a low budget for a gift and don’t want to complicate what you are going to give? You can stay simple, then. Give a Melitta compatible filter, and you can even add the paper filter if you want for a little more than ten euro gift! Your friend just needs to have a good specialty coffee and the result will be great.

15 out of 21 Best Gifts for a Specialty Coffee Lover: Espresso Tamper with pressure regulation

For those who have just acquired an Espresso machine, this tool is really nice to press the ground coffee in the portafilter with the ideal pressure. Sometimes it is hard to get the perfect amount of pressure when you are starting and this tool has a mechanism that regulates it very well and you will stop when hearing a click! So no more over or under pressured coffee grounds in the portafilter!

16 out of 21 Best Gifts for a Specialty Coffee Lover: Stainless Steel Reusable Aeropress Coffee Filters

Another sustainable solution for those who are trying to reduce waste. This kit of 4 stainless steel filters for Aeropress is the ideal solution to reduce to zero when brewing with the cool Aeropress method. They come in two holes sizes so you can brew in two different ways. To reuse it is really easy: just rinse it with tap water in the sink and that’s it! Ready for another brew.

17 out of 21 Best Gifts for a Specialty Coffee Lover: Bialetti New Brikka

Everyone in the world must have already seen a Bialetti or at least a Bialetti look-alike coffee pot. This old yet effective and zero-waste way of brewing coffee was invented in Italy and is one of the most that resembles an espresso without needing all that complexity. And this new model promises to deliver an extra portion of the crema or that great light brown foam that sits on the top of our beloved espresso!

18 out of 21 Best Gifts for a Specialty Coffee Lover: Reusable Dripping Coffee Filter

For your sustainable specialty coffee friend, this filter allows you to brew coffee zero-waste. It has a frame that holds the permanent filter made of stainless steel. So all you need is a good ground specialty coffee, and hot water to brew your daily cup of coffee, and will not dispose of a single gram of waste except your used ground coffee that can also have a second use as written in this article HERE!

19 out of 21 Best Gifts for a Specialty Coffee Lover: Sage Espresso Machine:

One of the greatest solutions to get a real coffee shop kinda like espresso is this SAGE Machine. It has one of the best values in the market, besides being very easy to clean and maintain. You can also play with many variables in the same way as in a specialty coffee shop such as – pre-infusion time, water temperature, grind size, and so on.

20 out of 21 Best Gifts for a Specialty Coffee Lover: Scarlet Espresso Distributor

If you want to give someone that already has an espresso machine in one’s home such as the SAGE listed here too, or any other that has the portafilter – the ground coffee distributor is a simple yet very efficient gift once it lets your ground coffee perfectly distributed in the correct angle to extract the perfect cup.

21 out of 21 Best Gifts for a Specialty Coffee Lover: BCNCOFFEEGUIDE, GIULIINKLAB, and ANIMALCOFFEE Colab T-Shirt

The ultimate fun T-Shirt about specialty coffee that every cat and specialty coffee lover will die for! Created in collab between our blog, a small and local specialty coffee roaster (ANIMAL COFFEE), and a Tattoo Artist from Brazil living in Barcelona, the shirt project destinates 5% of its revenue for a cat rescue association in Barcelona, besides being produced by a local serigraphy company that only uses fair trade cotton and ecological packing. Buy it alone or the kit with an ANIMAL SPECIALTY COFFEE pack!

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