In this very complete article, we are going to guide you through the best specialty coffee places of Barcelona in many categories, such as: Best Brunches, Best Espressos, Best Filtered Coffee, Best Places to Work, Best in Inovation, Best Restaurants, Best Roasters and Best Overall.
As we publish the teasers on Instagram we will be updating the blog.
By doing this ranks we hope to help you guys choosing places to go according to your demand in that particular day, kind of trip, or moment.


If Barcelona has something to offer, one word comes to my mind: BRUNCH. The so popular way of serving food is very well spread in the city, and many of them offers specialty coffee. If I were to include places that offer brunch but not specialty coffee, the universe would me much wider, but hopefully with our maket evolving those ones can start offering. Nevertheless, the best places usually have it because they take care of every detail and a good coffee can not be missed!
Have that been said, let´s go to our 5 best brunches in Barcelona!


Billly Brunch is a must go in the city, not only for food and coffee, but also because of the great and fun architecture inside and people´s energy that work there. Service is great and food is seriously taken care of. The abundance of food will surprise you. One english breakfast can easily serve 2 monsters of the fork (that´s me and Bianca) or 3 normal human beings!

Go For: English Breakfast / Sweet Pancakes / Espresso
Roaster Used: La Cherry


OMA is one of our Barcelona´s joys. Just when we arrived in the city we went to brunch there, and the first thing that I told Bianca was how nice people were with clients. The smile on their face showed people in there work with love and passion for what they do. So the outcome of food could not disappoint. From craft beer, to main dishes and finally the explosive desserts you will be mind blown. Order coffee in espresso or filter extraction!

Go For: Shashuka / English Breakfast / V60 Coffee / Dulce de Leche Deserts
Roasters Used: Nomad / El Magnifico / Hidden / and more!


If you visit Eat My Trip´s Instagram you will be convinced to go there. The presentation of their food, and their visual identity with vivid colors are extremely appealing. What few people know is that many of that were done by the owner herself with loads of hard work that paid off. Eat My Trip is usually very busy in anytime of the year.
Besides being extremely instagramable, when the food, sweets  and coffee reach your mouth, it is no suprise: perfectly prepared ingredients as well as impecable warm service. If you get lucky, try to eat outside with mediterranean sunlight!

Go For: Mediterranean Bowl / Eggs Benedict / Desserts / Flat White
Roasters Used: Familia Osorio


Located in the trendy Poblenou, Little Fern is a little piece of New Zealand well mixed with Barcelona´s culture. A few minutes form Bogatell Beach, the place has a nice atmosphere and an awesome crew. The idea is to have most local and homemade food they can and the result is great flavor, great presentation.
Their New Zealand Roaster with branch in London, Ozone – is the coffee they have there and it is great!
So much worth it!

Go For: Crispy Chicken Burger / Flat White
Roasters Used: Three Marks


Right in the beginning of Gracia neighborhood, in a crossing little street with Avinguda Diagonal, you will find this charming refined restaurant, run by two very inspiring women. It has an open kitchen with very talented people working there, usually crowded with reservations for lunch and dinner. They have many ingredients cultivated by producers in the surroundings and barcelona, and the care they put in the dishes is out of this world.
If you want to take someone to a cosy, refined and despite all that with awesome value, go to LES FILLES!

Go For: Avocado Toast / SlowMov Espresso
Roasters Used: SlowMov


In this project of elaborating the map of specialty coffee in Barcelona, it is quite easy to find new places with specialty coffee if they are a cafeteria themselves, but the hardest and the places that give me the most happiness finding are those ones that are innovative in the way that you would not expect them to have specialty coffee.


Hey Shop is a design studio and art shop located in Barcelona Center, those kinds of places you would never expect to find specialty coffee. Veronica, the owner, is a very talented artist that makes vast use of vivid colors and geometric forms to achieve great final results in many kinds of products. The studio is famous around the gastronomic scene too, having Hey Shop done the packaging of Caravelle´s beer as well as the facade of the brand new Camping BCN, also figuring in our list. The shop serves HOLA COFFEE from Madrid in a Yellow Mini La Marzocco, kindly nicknamed Marlin (Monroe) by Veronica.

Roasters Used: Hola Coffee (Madrid)
Go For: Espresso Doble


La Bar has the same pronunciation as “lavar” which means “to wash” in english. What these guys made was great, they added a bar and a coffee shop to a Laudry! So instead of staying in the laundry waiting and doing nothing, you can take your bag of clothes, have something to eat, order a craft beer and of course your specialty coffee from El Magnifico. The machines and colors inside are super cool, providing a great vibe inside!

Go For: Flat White and Food
Roasters used: El Magnifico


I am a big fan of Pablo´s concept, the owner of NEWS AND COFFEE, which was an old newsstand, hurt badly by the world´s digitalization, and transformed into a very busy spot near Arc de Triomphe in Barcelona. The magazines and newspapers remain there, although being more niched, and the cherry of the cake is the specialty coffee roasted in Girona and extracted in a beautiful Victoria Arduino Eagle One.

Go For: Espresso Doble or Batch Brew
Roasters used: Own (Roasted in Espresso Mafia Girona)


Would it be asking too much to go to the beach, and on the way to go, or coming back we could sit on the grass in a park surrounded by sports courts and trees, and drink good specialty coffee? But where? In Poblenou, CAMPING has solved this problem for the coffee lovers. They are a tiny kiosk with a pop up kitchen literally 2 minutes walking from the beach. At the moment they are serving NOMAD, and every week they offer cool workshops of the most various subjects. Worth the go.

Go For: Pop-ups always and Espresso / Cold Brew in summer
Roasters used: Nomad Coffee

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