Hello everybody! In my infinite quest for places that have specialty coffee on their menu (and not only coffee shops, as the title says), I could also find a huge amount of awesome places.

They are all spotted in our greatest tool, our MAP, and it will be easy to find great spots with it. But if someplace is featured in this post, this means it has my personal plus in evaluation.

As a great supporter of the specialty coffee culture, my goal is to bring as many people as I can to this more fair world, in which all the parts of the chain can be fairly paid and by having been so, can reinvest part of its earnings in improving the community more and more!

One thing is right: if you are looking for great coffee shops and other places serving specialty coffee in Barcelona, you will definitely find your perfect match here!


It is very hard to talk about specialty coffee and do not talk about NOMAD in Barcelona. In my time spent here in this superb city, I can say that NOMAD is a strong candidate for the TOP OF MIND specialty coffee brand and coffee shop in Barcelona if it has not already won and I do not know.
But being a reference in its market does not come alone. Nomad Coffee is an old company in the specialty coffee market (2014), having in its team great professionals I could meet and working very hard on pushing specialty coffee to the next level. The care in selecting beans, studying roast patterns, and finally extracting coffee is an example to be followed.
Nomad has 4 own coffee shops in Barcelona: Frutas Selectas Poblenou, Nomad Coffee Lab in Born, Nomad Coffee every day in Raval, and Cal Nomad, their roaster home. Besides that, you can find their roasted beans in many other coffee shops and restaurants throughout Barcelona, and in some locations in Spain and Europe too.
I am a big fan of espresso, so I love to go to Nomad Coffee Lab in the city center which is the place they have many variations of it, including championship coffees to be tasted. But in any of their locations, you will find great amazing products.
Congratulations Jordi, Fran, Ivette, Cris, Caro, and many others that make part of this great team and that have made so much for specialty coffee evolution in Barcelona!


It is hard to compete with Gracia in terms of the quantity and quality of specialty coffee shops and spots. If you are new here and want to know some of the best specialty coffee shops in Barcelona, go to Gracia! The neighborhood is flourishing with its many cafeterias, brunches, and restaurants with specialty, although it could still be many more, given the huge number of gastronomic spots there that still work with commercial coffee.
And this time (July 2020), we went for a more refreshing option in Gracia: ICECREAM. We have already been told about Selvatica, a craft ICECREAM Shop using 80 plus roasters, but we still haven’t got the chance to go.
After having some lunch we decided to pass by, and the first thing that draw our attention was the cool sign displayed ahead of its entrance: A DAY WITHOUT GELATO IS LIKE A DAY WITHOUT GELATO (lol), indeed!
We took a very well-extracted double espresso from Colombia by Natalia, from a one group charming Dalla Corte machine, and an Americano, very balanced too. I asked her where the coffee came from and she kindly handed me the bag: very good service and communication to an eager to know more client!
But the star of the show was about to come: the Ice Cream. We ordered a curious flavor they had that was called 1001 noches: Azafran, Roses Water, and nuts, and it blew our mind, really interesting combination. The salted caramel is also delightful, and to finish in good style we ordered their cute mini-sized 1 Euro ice cream in Gianduja flavor!
So, if you are in Gracia looking for the best coffee shops in Barcelona, do not forget to go for a coffee and ice cream combo in Selvatica!


If you are looking for something different regarding sweet treats you need to go to AMARANTO BAKERY: a Mexican fusion bakery in Gràcia
The quality and freshness of the sweets are perfect and Liliana, its owner explains all about the treat, such as how it is eaten in Mexico and its varieties
Coffee Roaster is Hidden Café and we tasted a well extracted Colombian double espresso 🖤
Highlight its pistachio croissant, the best of its kind ever eaten in Barcelona


I have special care for Bond Cafe because it was, along with Bermont Coffee, Onna, and Syra, one of the first coffee shops visited here in Barcelona. Back then, I and Bianca had only an idea about doing something related to coffee.
As I am a very communicative person, I started chatting with Oriol with my even worse Spanish back then, and I was very well received, I was discovering new origins because in Brazil it is forbidden to import green beans from abroad, so even that I already had some good knowledge about coffee I could not taste so many different origins there. I remember asking for a double espresso obviously and an African origin filter, extracted to perfection. Oriol is related to NOMAD COFFEE owners, so he uses their amazing beans!
He opened his coffee shop, after assuming the old ANIMAL COFFEE situated in Gracia, in 2017, when specialty coffee was still starting to flourish in Barcelona and wanted to have, besides specialty coffee a good offer of healthy food, juices, and good music. As a James Bond fan, he has great material on this great filmography present in our lives.
Oriol had experience in gastronomy and hostelry, mainly in the creation of menus of plates, wines, and spirits. When he saw the great and courageous job that Jordi, owner of NOMAD COFFEE had done, he started to study coffee and was surprised about the size of the world it opened to him. So, after a time away from this market he saw the opportunity of opening a coffee shop in which he could offer all that we cited above! And he did and does till present.
Bond is located in Saint Gervais, it has a great vibe, with loads of natural light and amazing service, interchanged between Oriol and Tamara. About coffee, NOMAD beans and passion for it make it the perfect equation! 


La Camila has opened in April 2022, by the union of two girls with loads of experience in the specialty coffee market. Both having worked in very famous coffee shops in Barcelona previously to its opening was a signal that they would not get it wrong at all. And as you walk in you get in love with the vintage look of the spot – everything looking like an old Catalan bar – with all of its histories and also most of its menu – and along with it – the best of specialty coffee care by two excellent baristas behind the bar.

The spot is located in Gracia, but in a rather more inhabited coffee shops zone, which fulfills the gap there! You should try their bread with olive oil salt and chocolate, with a double espresso or a flat white: delicious!

They work with BLUE BELL roasters of Valencia, the first specialty coffee shop in Barcelona to work with them: a project of women also roasting coffee back in that great town.


New cool specialty coffee spot in Barcelona open in 2022.
All Day Café opens its doors in a very centric location in Barcelona with the purpose of serving coffee lovers all day long. The cool spot is inside Casa Les Punxes and has a great vibe, either inside or on the sunny terrace
Coffee by NOMAD extracted in a beautiful LA MARZOCCO
The food was good-looking and tasty. And we will pass by more times for coffee


By Kate is a very complete place in Gracia, once it offers great coffee, great food, amazing sweets and it is also a great place to work or even read a book. Its glass facade and the two floors give you a great amplitude sensation. The decoration is lovely and Kate usually is there baking cakes, cooking, or serving you great coffee roasted by ANIMAL!
At the end of 2019, Catalina or Kate, the idealizer of By Kate opened the doors of a charming cafeteria in Gracia. She decided to leave her corporate life, after working as a buyer for big companies. Having lived and traveled to many countries, Kate could get to know a lot of gastronomy by doing so, but what really has a strong presence on the menu are the sweets from Argentina, which is where she is from! They are all mouth-watering!
Talking about coffee, By Kate works with ANIMAL COFFEE, and intends to also have some guest roaster. I love when cafeterias have one fixed roaster plus one invited! They offer many espresso-based drinks as well as 3 options in filter: French Press, Aeropress, and V60.
I would really recommend you to pass by some weekend, have their brunch (with coffee of course), and then order one of many amazing sweets baked BY KATE, in my personal taste I go crazy when eating the lemon pie! BY Kate also offers delivery service!


In a quiet street in the neighborhood of Sant Andreu, I recently found out that a specialty coffee shop would open! It was in the middle of the Covid restrictions that this young couple of entrepreneur friends decided to finally open this really charming nordic style coffee shop in an unexplored region of Barcelona, named Fika Coffee, where Fika is an ancient Swedish word meaning Coffee.
After a long time of planning their new house, they have decided that the moment had to be that one, despite all the difficulties and restrictions. On the very first day of the shop, we went to get to know it, and we were amazed at the appearance of the hop as well as the quality of the service and coffee, of course.
Fika Coffee has Hidden Coffee as its resident brand, and offers espresso and also filter-based coffees in a recently launched filter coffee station in a corner of the coffee shop, with the emblematic Mahlkonig EK43. I could have in the many times been their double espresso, and flat white with cow and oat milk, all of them very well extracted, thanks to very good preparation of them before their opening!
Besides the coffee, they also have great cakes and snacks, which they use to put on their stories weekly! It must not be lost.
Fika Coffee deserves to be congratulated because it was a very courageous move to open it in an area yet unexplored with specialty coffee, but as they are doing an exceptional job, the feedback has been great and it will definitely set the standards in the region!! Well done!


Bean-to-bar chocolate has everything to do with specialty coffee. Every step of the process is highly taken care of and in Barcelona, the best place to know about it is at LOT ROASTERS.
Ursula and Cristian have this amazing project of mono-origin Peruvian chocolate and specialty coffee in their shop and factory too.
Their care for the product, branding, and dealing with people is impeccable. It is definitely a must-go-spot
We had the opportunity to taste their cocoa pulp juice, their chocolate infusion, and of course their great house-roasted coffee


Every person that has some doubt about the fulfillment sensation without eating meat should go to Hammock Juice Station. This relaxing oasis inside the city of Barcelona has meatless dishes that can be the turning point if you are thinking about reducing animal meat consumption.
Hammock is located in Eixample and its name is self explicative: they are literally a Hammock Station, having them inside so you can order your plates, smoothies, juices, or specialty coffee roasted by Tornado Coffee, and rest a little bit hanged in one of the hammocks there, wifi free.
The food is really fulfilling – I ordered a falafel dish that comes with Saracen wheat, beetroot pure, grilled carrots, and many more grains and it was so tasteful and nutritious that I started to look to these combinations to do them at home and looking forward to going back there.
For coffee, I ordered a very well-extracted double espresso and it tasted really sweet! A good way to finish my visit to Hammock! Service was chilled, in the same way as the place is supposed to be.
Lastly but not least, something that really got my attention was the clear communication in one part of their menu that is featured in one of my photos, like the average, waiting time on busy days, the WiFi free zone (like in the jungle), and how to behave in your hammock, as well as the indication that their coffee is locally roasted! Those kinds of simple yet very objective and informative phrases can improve a lot of the user experience without being rude and avoiding many miscommunications issues that are so common in our world.
Congrats Hammock for your amazing coffee, food, and relaxing place in the heart of Barcelona!


Very close to Plaza Catalunya, one of the most touristic places in Barcelona we can find a coffee shop and restaurant named Citizen Café. They have a very spacious place that serves food and good specialty coffee as well. They are not roasters and use NOMAD COFFEE as their base coffee.
What is very surprising, and in a very good way is that they charge almost the same price for espresso as in any place with average “bad quality” coffee.
The prices of food are aligned with prices in Barcelona, but I felt the quantity was a little bit greater as well, so another point to CITIZEN CAFÉ (in the photo you will see a well-served pulled pork juicy sandwich that cost 8 euros with chips!). I have been there 3 times and every time I left CITIZEN I was full and happy.
The only downside of Citizen Café is that they don´t offer any filtered methods.
We highly reccomend you to go to eat and have a great specialty coffee at CITIZEN CAFÉ. You can also stop by over there to work and is one of the few specialty coffee shops that stay open until 11:00 PM in Barcelona.


Vegan and zero waste focused. Enough said, only for their courage to put up a place like this in a not touristic spot in Barcelona already deserved a review. But as I entered the coffee shop and got to know a little bit more about it on my last visit, I realized I was right about putting the review. Neo Coffee House is a specialty coffee shop owned by a young French Couple that besides being vegan, is doing what everybody should do, enforcing the zero-waste culture and showing that it is possible to do that.
Everything is done in a way to reuse, reduce and recycle (only if really needed). So do not expect to see waste or excessive packaging at all there. The minimalistic and DIY architecture is amazing in the way that it is very enjoyable to stay inside with its soft tone and real wooden colors. The whole cafeteria receives sunlight as it is located on a corner of a street in the Sants neighborhood.
I went there for a meeting with Sergi, the owner of Animal Coffee, and their coffee provider. They use the blend of Animal Coffee in their espresso-based drinks, which has an extremely stable and solid base for extraction, and delivers a hint of fruity notes for the specialty coffee enthusiasts. Besides that, they also have Animal Coffee single origins on batch brew and filter methods to be extracted on demand, and in my visit, I could not let to taste their great Ethiopian coffee in V60, besides the double espresso, of course. I ate their lemon cake and it was incredible. So now, I have to go back for their salty treats!
Congrats guys for the courage and the initiative to help to save our environment, I am already doing some things that you guys do at home.


La Perfumeria de café is another recently opened specialty coffee shop in Poblenou. It is part of the Delsams de Café group, a traditional roaster from Lleida.
The idea is to have a point in Barcelona and to bring in more people into the specialty coffee culture
The place is great and will be hosting also some small events and workshops in the future
Glad that more and more market players are placing their bets on Barcelona


Tiny, charming, fast, and with a great value! Pit Stop pizza is one of those places that have everything to succeed. Recently open, it is located almost door to door with Hospital San Paul – one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of Barcelona.
Pit Stop pizza brings to Barcelona the concept of the Pizza Portafoglio, that is a neapolitan way of making it in a way it comes folded and it is a really great way to have it when you are in a hurry as well.
Always valuing fresh and craft ingredients, Pit Stop opted to have a great local and small roaster of Barcelona: Tusell, known for its long-term commercial relationships with producers, mainly from Central America. And once the espresso machine has an Italian as a pilot, the results of the espressos are always good.
I could not forget to speak about their great sweet that for the first time there was offered to us for free with two doses of double espressos, a roll with chocolate that left us eager for more
But this review would not be complete if I did not talk about the pizza, and particularly the Porchettona, that I had last time I was there! Homemade Porchetta (extremely well seasoned), burrata cream, arugula, and their salsa. I had a blast eating it and will definitely go for more.
Lastly, it makes me very happy that more and more places either than cafeterias are opening with specialty coffee on their menu!


My main challenge in Specialty Coffee is to bring more people to this world. And it is the most difficult thing to do: to convince someone that has been drinking coffee since its birth that the quality and way he/she drinks is not the best one. And one of the most challenging acts is to offer specialty coffee in a region or place that is not very usual.
Jacaranda Café, run by Orlando and Julia was one of these courageous businesses by opened a coffee shop in the neighborhood of HORTA in Barcelona. Where there was no offer and few people with this culture.
But you can, with lots of love and providing a good service, change that and bring more people to this world. Most of the times I have been in their coffee shop, I found not only a relatively good movement but also local elderly people tasting their coffee and products. It means that, even with a higher price than commercial coffee shops that exist there, people are being attracted by the experience, quality of coffee, and service.
Their tiny coffee shop is visibly taken care of by heart in all aspects. Orlando is Peruvian and has named JACARANDA CAFÉ after a beautiful tree that has much presence in South America, that remembers him of his childhood back there. They use their own roasted coffee as a home roaster, extracted in a La Marzocco machine. I can say I have never drunk a bad espresso there!. You can also find good snacks, sweets (all made by the couple), and GARAGE craft beer too! From time to time Orlando and Julia offer a typical Peruvian dish, usually at lunchtime.
I became a loyal customer and I like to go there especially when I want to stay away from the so crowded city center of Barcelona!
Congrats Orlando and Julia for the initiative. You have my loyalty!


In some regions of Barcelona, specialty coffee spots are very dense, such as Eixample, Gracia and the city center. On the other hand, some other regions have literally none. But luckily it has been changing in the past few inaugurations. One very emblematic spot in the new Barcelona Specialty Coffee scene is Es Bien Brunch, which recently opened in La Sagrera, in Sant Andreu district. In this neighborhood, you can count on one hand the specialty coffee spots that exist, and I get very happy when a new great spot opens because it shows a good perspective about the specialty coffee culture here.
But let’s talk about coffee and food. And by the way, what quality of food and coffee in there. They run away from industrialized ingredients and search for local and quality products, beginning with FAMILIA OSORIO locally roasted coffee well extracted in a STORM MACHINE from Italian producer Astoria. Their espresso is amazingly good, and they are always switching the many origins FAMILIA OSORIO has.
As for food, I am particularly very fan of places that serve you quality but also a decent quantity, and all the times I went to eat in Es Bien I can assure you that I left with a very full and happy stomach. On their first day I could try their brunch plates such as the Salmon Poke, very fresh and healthy, and robbed some bites of a cinematographic Eggs Benedict from Bianca, for desert we went for their cheesecake and a foamy flat white, prepared by Facundo, the owner and now a friend of mine! A double espresso before and after the meal was there, as always!
The place is very spacious with two floors and the energy is cool. You can work from there if you want to, looking at people passing by on Meridiana Avenue.
Their weekly menu for 12 Euros is a must-go! You will eat really well, and will be back in no time! Believe me!


Do you wanna go to a place that has awesome instagramable plates and drinks in Barcelona? So go to EATMYTRIP. Do you wanna go to a place that, along with instagramable food, has extreme care with the flavor and quality of its products? So EATMYTRIP is your ideal destination.
Destination of a huge number of bloggers, we can see through their profile photos that everything is mouthwatering
– so we had to go and taste it.
By the moment we arrived, we were very well received by its crew and amazed with the local fun decoration that has upside-down chairs, tables, and a guitar. First, we sat inside, but as the sun was very strong on the terrace, a very nice guy who was serving us suggested the change. And it definitely enhanced our experience: food was even more colorful with that beautiful sunlight.
As for coffee, we could taste an espresso shot, and a flat white, roasted by FAMILIA OSORIO. Quality was good, and latte art as well.
Finally, when the food arrived we were dazzled by its appearance, but the real thing was when we ate it, so damn good! Many options for every kind of taste and diet, as well as very nutritious.
We did not have time to taste their dessert, but we can confess now that it was a little bit on purpose because we wanted to have an excuse to go back and have it all over again!! Food bloggers, you were right by visiting and recommending this spot in our lovely BCN


Recently open in Badalona (2021)
Kope Pké is a poke house with specialty coffee from NOMAD COFFEE located in Badalona
For a long time, the city struggled without any single shop with specialty coffee. But Angela, the owner, has decided to save these people’s lives
Now you are able to have a great coffee and delicious Hawaiian food as well as snacks for breakfast and local products such as LOV FERMENTS


Another shop that bets on less obvious zones of Barcelona that have great success chance due to experience and local audience
The shop will soon also host cupping events and will have also craft beer so will be on BCN BEER GUIDE map too.
They love to rotate local and Europe roasters, which is a great opportunity to taste different stuff
Definitely worth the visit!


Austral is a cafeteria located in Eixample that every specialty coffee lover in Barcelona should go to, especially for the service! A couple of Argentinians are responsible for the shop and for the great care with all the people that enter it, and in my humble opinion, the service counts more than the coffee itself, playing a bigger part in the specialty coffee ritual and experience!
That being said, don’t be surprised if you see a great movement of people, and loyal people in Austral having their daily shot of caffeine! Every time I have been there, I could see that and despite lots of labor, they were always smiling and asking about how people were.
Austral offers a good variety of coffee methods such as Espresso and its variations, cold brew, v60, Aeropress, french press, Chemex, and batch brew. In my opinion, the prize goes to the espresso always very well extracted with a charming Rocket Machine.
Another great food offer, besides the usual offered in a coffee shop, is the Pao de Queijo. A Brazilian snack that I, as a Brazilian am very fan of! And everyone should try them, which are locally made at the shop.
As for roasters, the couple is using La Cherry in espresso at the moment, and they are always open for guest roasters that come and go to the taste of the clients!
Austral has also the philosophy that I defend so much, which is to try to democratize the access to specialty coffee to the regular coffee taker, and they are managing to do so emblematically. Today I heard that they love to receive an old lady from around that has even invited many of her friends to drink the best coffee she has ever taken (and the lady had no idea about what specialty coffee was).


On y Va roaster is the kind of roasting spot every coffee lover would want to own. Apart from their large and old history in specialty coffee and high-performance road biking, Ferran and his partners managed to build a coffee playground for adults. The dominance of yellow all over the place, and also the huge letters with their logo and the words COFFEE ROASTER HERE make you want to spend a while there.
The shop made its first bet on specialty coffee when the concept was barely known in Barcelona, and also in a neighborhood that has even less movement of tourism, the source that the few coffee shops in town were relying on. Nevertheless, with association with endurance sports, mainly biking due to Ferran’s background, the concept has been put on to this route to the mountains of Catalunya and flourished.
Now, more than half a decade from it, they open their second spot aiming to power their coffee offer besides introducing more of their great product to the market by opening and developing spots that have the same philosophy as specialty coffee (loads of those in BCN still to explore, by the way)
I tasted their very balanced blend and also a rich Guatemalan coffee, extracted in their light blue charming VICTORIA ARDUINO. And now I am dying to return and see a roasting day when tasting another cup of coffee!


What would you expect to see if you entered a place named Rex Cafe? A T-Rex on the wall? Yes!! This tiny, and extremely charming specialty coffee shop in Saint-Gervaissi Barcelona is a joy not to be missed. As you enter you can notice that everything was strategically located and decorated to provide a very cosy yet distinct sensation! It is located in a corner so there is plenty of light coming inside and some 3 or 4 tables compose the inside of the cafeteria.
Behind the bar you will probably find Viktor, the owner who is very kind with the customers as well as a great barista and cook. We ordered an iced flat white with an espresso and a french pancake that may seem easy to do but not really. The point of the egg was perfect and the plate well seasoned.
In Rex Cafe you can taste the origins from SlowMov that has its roasts profiles always balanced and round, and happens to be quite near Rex too.
Besides the great coffee and food, we have to return to some night of vermuts or mercadillos that Viktor organizes too, and if we were to guess the quality of those drinks and events compared to our first time in there it will definitely be great.


If you like different and innovative coffee places to go in Barcelona, you should go to Sabio Infante.
Curious decoration, a mixture of granny´s house and the vintage charm with the bonus of ludic kids toys. The green ceiling, some walls and the A/C add the special charm. The lamps are all unique pieces as well.
The food menu has a good variety, which makes it quite easy to make the decision to what to order, and the prices are aligned with the majority of coffee shops here in Barcelona. The quality and quantity are approved ?
For coffee, they have only espresso based options.  They usually use beans which are roasted by them, and also invited roasters.


If you are visiting Plaza España, you should definitely go to Morrow Coffee, and we even say that even if you are not going to Plaza España, go to Morrow Coffee in Barcelona.
Russian owned coffee shop, they have their own roasting machine inside, and are always changing their beans, which is awesome, cause every time you go there, the probability of having a different sensorial experience is high.
It is a nice place to work as well, with some high and shareable tables, but they also have small lower tables that are more intimate.
Their coffee offer is great. Espresso based coffees as well as some filter methods as well. Usually they prefer to use Central and South American coffees in for espresso and the Africans for the filtered methods.


Where plants meet Coffee, that phrase could not fit better at @espaijoliu , the emblematic coffee shop in Poblenou that is so cozy with their plants and rustic decoration. It has a great area, and a lot of intimate spaces as you can see in our taken photos. As well as ORVAL, their second coffee shop, books and plants are sold here, but in a wider range. Their pistache cake is awesome (did not have this time though), and salty menu very well made! Operated mainly by girls, this so charming place has a great energy inside.
We had the espresso shots, one single and one double. Roasted by @nomadcoffee , the Costa Rica bean was a perfect fit for a espresso. Nutty, chocolate flavors and aromas, as well as a balanced acidity with delicious sweetness. For filter they have the clean V60 as well as batch brew. We also saw beans from the great @threemarkscoffee
Espai Joliu is a perfect place to work as well, as its so comfy to stay there, having a shot of your perfect coffee receipt a sweet or salty snack, caffeine through your veins and work being done! Highly recommended


Well well, this tiny pretty coffee spot in BARCELONA has what we say as being in a great location. As you just leave the metro station in Sagrada Familia, which is the most visited place in Barcelona, you can walk 50 meters and you will be in the door of FARGO CAFÉ.
Owned by a very kind Argentinian couple, this small place works with many roasters from all over Europe, and so they have great variety whenever you go there. The espresso extraction is made with a very charming little LA MARZOCCO, and Fernando, the owner can do a great job doing filtered coffee extractions.
It is a must go in Barcelona, specially if you need some minutes to process the amazing beauty of the Sagrada Familia Church.


Think about a place specialized in MATCHA in Barcelona. If you are a Matcha Lover the name Matcha Gracias will surely come to your mind! This is literally the matcha paradise, and the first matcha bar of Barcelona. Their raw material is sourced directly from Japan and as they have extreme care with their main product, it could not be different with all their ingredients served, handled and selected with extreme care. For that they have chosen to have specialty coffee too, that cares the same philosophy of the matcha in terms of fair trade, quality and so on.
The shop/bar is owned by a lovely russian couple that has made a great job in design and branding of their shop. The name that makes fun with muchas gracias in spanish is mind sticky and as you enter the shop you get amazed with the amount and combination of vivid colors. It is almost impossible to go there and not take a picture to share with your friends.
And as it comes to their offer of products you feel equally amazed. Perfect prepared matcha (that is the only variety of tea that does not need to be infused but only mixed in a very specific way), vegan sandwiches, gluten free cookies and much more! I have a personal preference for their matcha bucha drink that is the combination of Matcha and Kombucha that tastes great, as well as being a healthy bomb!
In specialty coffee they have always a local roaster with many options of espresso based drinks made either by the talented owners or by experienced baristas! I always go for their well extracted double espresso, but in this case I have to give the golden medal of the show for their amazing MATCHABUCHA!


Now we go to Poblenou, a very trendy neighborhood that is skyrocketing in terms of cuisine, and couldn’t be different for specialty coffee as well.
Located in the middle of Poblenou, this cousy café has ThreeMarks beans, and is owned by New Zealanders. The staff is super great and food was amazing the time we went there. It’s all locally prepared, and is all vegetarian. For coffee we had a great extracted espresso. But they have the batch brew (filter option) too.
If you are up to a great brunch, go fo Little Fern. But prepare yourself because the place is disputated, as it is such a nice place to be with great food and people around!


DEPARTURE COFFEE has already become a reference point to all the coffee lovers in BCN. Located in Raval at an old carpentry, they have maintained that style, making it a very unique artsy place.
Here they work with coffee roasted by local roasters @slow.mov , where they use specific temperature curves to enhance the notes of flavors of each grain. They assure us that the best way to taste it is with a filter coffee made in a Chemex coffee maker, which, by the way, is gorgeous!
There is space in case you want to work(or eat their delicious cakes), and some outside that will make you stay for hours reading a book. Finally if you want to learn more about coffee, they do hold some courses in the art of Specialty Coffee.


The place is located in Eixample, near Hospital Clinic Metro Station. The food is super well prepared in its kitchen, but what we wanted to elucidate here, is the great service they have. Both times we had been there, people were super kind and always had a smile on their face, and for a great coffee experience this makes the whole difference.
In this second time we ordered 2 plates of the brunch menu, and 2 tipes of coffee. Fried Bacon eggs, half juicy, half crunchy bacon, sunny side eggs for the first plate, and Scrambled Eggs with mushrooms for the second choice, also veeeeery creamy eggs. For coffee we went with a espresso doble and a flat white.
They work with several roasters of Barcelona and Spain, this time we had EL MAGNIFICO. Perfectly balanced acidity and sweetness for the expresso, and the great latte art and ratio of the milk on the flat white.
To end up our review, OMA has a great space to work as well if you want, and the decoration inside is super nice. Worth the go!


In the district os Les Corts, very near to the mall La Lilla Diagonal, there is a great coffee shop named HIDDEN CAFÉ. They are roasters themselves and have their beans sold in many smaller places in Barcelona as well.
Its great to see how they take care of their specialty coffee beans since the beggining of the process. The owners like to go to the farms in which the coffee is harvested to understand every little details, and assure their beans are adding value to all parts of the chain.
In their coffee shop you can have many methods of filtered coffee, such as aeropress, V60 ou even the very clean CHEMEX. Eating is very recomendable as well. They have a lot of very well made sandwiches, natural fruit bowls and great deserts too.
The espresso is always perfectly calibrated by the hands of the expertised baristas, and you can choose between having the coffee outside in the terraza, or inside, where they have shared or individual tables.
Wi-fi works very well, so it is a great work to chill out a little bit, or prepare that meeting you need having a caffeine blast!


Caffeine Barcelona is a coffee shop and restaurant located in Poblenou, in a more business area as if we can say that. So they end up serving their coffee to a lot of people who work at the offices nearby.
Some random day I was passing by there and as the layout of the place was very charming, minimalist and modern, I decided to stop and have something to eat.
For my surprise they were also serving specialty coffee. They had the FAMILIA OSORIO COFFEE, as well as CANDELARIA COFFEE, which is an great project taking place in Colombia, that since the very beginning the coffee is handled only by women. The quality of the food was really great, they have the menu of the day which has great quantity and quality, and I felt it was made with very fresh ingredients.
I had one espresso and one filtered V60. Both were very well extracted, the service was very good, and we will definetely will come back there to eat and have some coffee.


Another new coffee shop of Barcelona, and also in Poblenou, the awesome trendy neighborhood that is flourishing with housing and gastronomic scene!
Orval Barcelona is a specialty coffee shop in Barcelona from the same owners of ESPAI JOLIU, that is also in that list. They are very into plants, so why not have lots of them in the space, and also sell them, great idea uh?
Their decoration is great, minimalist and also rustic, taking advantage of the old construction remais of old building they are, like apparent old concrete and raw materials in the walls, for example.
They have quite good coffee offer, as you can see in the photos below, such as the hard to find in Barcelona KALITA METHOD, for a fair price. Cold Brew and Kombucha available as well.
The service is great, very kind people as well as friendly. We could finally meet ELENA in person, a coffee Instagram friend that works there as Barista!
The food offer is good, sweets and some salty sandwiches. But as we were in a hurry, we had an Espresso doble and also a Flat White with a bean from Honduras roasted by NOMAD, and mainly produced in the specialty coffee by women. They are not roasters so they use coffee from good Barcelona Coffee Roasters, such as THREE MARKS COFFEE and NOMAD COFFEE.
Upstairs they have a more calm tables, in which you can work with lots of caffeine in your veins, as they also offer you free wifi!
Orval is a definitely must go specialty coffee shop in BARCELONA!


Near Sagrada Família church, there is such a charming café named CAMELIA ART CAFÉ. The decoration is amazing, almost looking like your gramma´s house, with such beautiful porcelains cups, plates and containers.
The café is owned by Argentinians, so you can expect awesome homemade alfajores, and great sweets. The menu has lots of salty and brunch options as well, and some seats are sofas, so comfy.
We had an espresso doble from Honduras, roasted by TORNADO ROASTERS, a dutch guy that lives in Barcelona and has great specialty coffee roast profiles. Also ordered a very well made flat white with beaultiful latte art from the nice barista!
You can take your laptop and work there, the place has plenty space to do so and later have a great walk and sightseeing in SAGRADA FAMILIA or in Sant Pau Hospital.
They have filtered options, but on the day we went, they weren´t serving because the roast profile of the bean would not go well on filter. That shows knowledge and concern with customers, congrats CAMELIA!


Modern, minimalist, and with great coffee offering. That can define Three Marks Coffee Shop. Located in Marina, the roasters have great skills in to making the perfect brew. The name Three Marks is because its is owned by three Marks actually.
As we arrived, we could see in the menu great options of coffee, especially the two options of espresso. One from Honduras and one from Africa. As a sacrifice, we had to taste both of them. The American had sweetness and chocolate flavors, as the African was more fruity, both great, extracted in a beautiful LA MARZOCCO. We had a great bolognan mortadela sandwich as well, very fresh and well made.
The atmosphere of the coffee shop is great, especially if you like modern architecture and minimalism. They have the upstairs floor with some books related specially with coffee and in which you can also work there (wifi ready), very nice space.
The coffee shop offers batch brew (which we also had) and filtered method, in this day, the hard to find in Barcelona KALITA METHOD.
As they are roasters, some smaller places work with their coffee and you will be able to find their great roasted coffee around Barcelona.


In a less tourist oriented region, we found this great place. As soon as you leave POBLESEC Metro Station, you will be able to find MANSO´s Café. A very comfortable café, that has also tables outside to enjoy the mostly sunny city of Barcelona.
Manso has a lot of Nordic receipts of sweets and breads, which make them a very special place if you want to know a little bit more about their food. And as a good Nordic place, the specialty coffee is a must, once in the those countries the per capita consumption of specialty coffee is one of the highest in the world.
It was very a good experience, sadly we did not have time to taste those amazing options on the menu as we were in a hurry and only had an espresso and a flat white, but the service of the girls who attended us was perfect, in our opinion one of the main issues to take care in a coffee shop. They were very concerned as well to show using signs in the wall the main characteristics of a specialty coffee. Price was so great too: Espresso for 1,50 euros, almost the price of a “low quality coffee”.
We definitely have to go back to Manso´s with a bigger time spam!


If you are a coffee geek, you should definitely go to BREW COFFEE in Barcelona. In our opinion, one of the 3 best specialty coffees in town. They are located near the Arc De Triomph in a neighbour that is famous for the big concentration of orientals (in fact you can see many oriental letters in many stores and businesses as you pass through there. With oriental owners and so most of its team, they managed to achieve an amazing level of service, quality, and all of this for an extremely reasonable price.
The decoration is great, straight lines in architecture, simple and functional spaces as tables and the front counter that has some chairs, make that spot ideal to be chatting with the barista about the coffee you are ordering, or wanting to.
As the team is very competent, you can have most of the methods explained to you as you reach them, and in this place, you don´t have to rush, several filtered methods are served for you  with no rush, aiming the best flavors and aromas.
We had the ORIGAMI, and, as almost a ritual in our tours, we also ordered the famous espresso doble. To come along, we  tasted the great Tiramissu, made with, of course, specialty coffee. All three of them were perfect (espresso had the beans from FAMILIA OSORIO and Origami from Beat Brew Bar from Valencia), and we left BREW COFFEE feeling like returning again very soon, probably to work remotely from there with Barista friends and excepcional coffee.


There is one right way to roast coffee. And we can say the way Familio Osorio roasts is one damn right way to do it. Ivan, the owner, is one of the first in the specialty coffee scene here in Barcelona. Originally from Colombia, with his family owning a small farm there, FINCA LA ILUSION, he started the transformation from a commodity coffee farm to a specialty coffee farm, and has been making it to perfection. As he learned from scrop all the procedures to produce, take care and import his coffee, Familia Osorio started to do it with other origin coffees as well and today the portfolio of the company is amazing, with all the tracking records and traceability of coffees bought and sold.
Initially, Familia Osorio roasted the beans and sold it in wholesale, as well as served them extracted in food fairs and events. Later, with more demand and the need to have some place to offer their coffee, Ivan – along with Tony, opened FAMILIA OSORIO PURO CAFE, an extremely cosy cafeteria in the trendy POBLENOU.
Powered with a beautiful MODBAR from LAMARZOCCO, they can take you espressos to perfection as well as great filter methods, and now powered also by JIANIT, the 2019 Spain aeropress champion, that will make you want to return as many times as possible. Could not let the portuguese food legend Tony out of this as well, with his great plates of the day carefully made for lunch time. Finally, the italian roaster CHINELLI MICHELLI is the responsible for THE ONE RIGHT WAY TO ROAST COFFEE.
Familia Osorio is present in many many cafeterias of Barcelona, so do not be surprised if you bump into a 250g bag hanging around in some cafeteria of our map, and do not hesitate to order it! 


If you search for specialty in its essence, Caravelle can be your choice of place to head to. Besides their good Rightside Roasters Coffee, the place has great care with everything around as well such as food, beer and service.
So, let’s see why: they brew their own beer, they have their special roast of coffee, they make their own pickles, they know with what product they are dealing and know how to explain it, trying at the most using local and seasonal products.
Located in the center of Barcelona, near the SKATE PARADISE of MACBA SQUARE, you can walk around the great narrow streets of old Barcelona to get there. Usually busy on weekends, take your time to maybe wait a little bit, but totally worth it.
We tasted their version of Eggs Benedict as well as the Shawarma and they were tremendous (as you can eat with your eyes in the pictures). To drink, their locally brewed beers that were, of course, very aromatic and fresh.
And to the grand finale we had two doble espressos from Brazil, very nutty and bodied, perfect to leave with a big smile on our faces! 


Diving into the sweet joys of Barcelona, we could not forget to review and exalt CANDELA CANELA ROLLS. Oriol, the owner, is the one man behind the company, and does it to perfection. 2 years from now (February 2018) the store opened in a gracious street in Gracia, very near to the well known PLAZA DEL SOL. In this place, rolls from various flavors are produced by hand every day to be sold there, or to be delivered in many other restaurants, bars, and for special occasions as parties, reunions, and celebrations throughout Barcelona.
As for coffee, a Bealtiful La Marzocco extracts the HARMONY COFFEE ROASTERS coffee, roasted in Barcelona. The coffee is great, and is always done with love and a nice talk with Oriol.
Last time we were there we had the opportunity to see the mixture resting and growing in a corner of the store, waiting to be mounted and baked the next day. The cinnamon smell inside is breathtaking as the name “CANELA” suggests!
So, whenever you are up to gorgeous sweets paired with great coffee, or passing by Gracia neighbourhood, have a look in our MAP and go to Candela Canela! Totally worth it!



Our search for innovation and not very obvious places took us straight to Cafe Fosc. In the same street of one of our preferred coffee shops in Barcelona, Brew Coffee, Cafe Fosc appears as an innovative place to offer coffee and food. It is the restaurant of Fab Cafe, a space of digital fabrication, or in a very resumed way to say, a place in which you can 3D print, scan, and laser cut tons of stuff. Nowadays 3D printing is revolutionary in ways you can make prototypes literally in minutes, which can save you so much energy and resources and boosting your productivity to space!
Many people related to industrial design, robotics and so many others pass by there, so imagine how much knowledge can be changed and created in this place. But for this you will need energy and concentration. So Cafe Fosc is there to offer you great functional foods and GREAT COFFEE of course.
They use to have NOMAD and SLOW MOV alternating between them in filter and espresso; often you can find a guest roaster in there! Their daily menu always changes and are extremely flavourful. Some 5 to 6 tables compound their small and cosy place. Being run by Fabiola, Jack and Eva each one of them with their special gift.
Service is perfect, and their playlists is applause digne. We had a Slow Mov batch brew and a NOMAD espresso, both very well extracted.
Thank you guys! Be back many more times to eat drink and listen!


Back to the quest of not very obvious places, we found B Sandwiches very near the Arc de Triomphe in Barcelona. Mauricio, the owner has recently opened the restaurant (8 months ago) – and made the bet into specialty coffee, being a fan of it.
His restaurant was inspired back in the days he studied in University and had bagels or sandwiches on those bars and snack stores, so he wanted to replicate flavors and places he had been within two slices of bread.
We went to have lunch with friends, and we ordered the Big Boss and the Naranjito. The first is an amazing combination of shredded beef, potatoes puree, tartar sauce and pickled vegetables. The naranjito, as the name says has salmon, carrots and BACON! Delicious combination of flavors. The portion of food was perfect, we went to have dinner so late this day because we got so satisfied.
The place is very comfortable, and is ideal to have your breakfast (as they open in the morning) or lunch as we had. It is very spacious and you can see the worrying with brand identity through the architecture and colors of the restaurant.
Finally, for coffee we had a COLOMBIAN bean in the espresso we ordered and it had the typical south american flavors and aromas, dried fruits, nuts and brown sugar. It was sweet and well extracted, as we could see the tiger pattern in the crema (caramelization of the sugars in the bean). It was roasted by CAFE DE FINCA, and extracted in a LA MARZOCCO, but they keep changing roasters and origins, which is the most lovely thing for a restaurant of coffee shop to do for a coffee lover.
As we were leaving and praised Mauricio, he gave us the banana bread that was almost ending for us to taste, and it was great! We will be back to taste the sweets with a shot of coffee soon!


Everytime I passed through newsstands in Barcelona, specially the ones in Barceloneta, I saw they had so much potential if they offered specialty coffee. But the world is full of people who have ideas and do not execute them. Pablo, instead, is an Argentinian long living in Barcelona who has the opposite profile, he put his ideas to work and creates nice stuff. So what he did was to figure out a way to have specialty coffee and magazines all together: and in 2019 News and Coffee was created in a newsstand near Arc de Triomphe. He has a history of putting places to be run and creating new ideas, especially in gastronomy scene in Barcelona, and it was a great pleasure to know him.
News and Coffee has Espresso Mafia coffee, roasted in Girona, and works with great Victoria Arduino Machine. They also offer, of course, a great variety of specialized coffee magazines amongst others niche sectors, local and international newspapers. 
For us, News and Coffee deserves to take the place of the most innovative opening in 2019, and is set up to be successful in 2020. As we said before, places there are not expected to have specialty coffee are our preferred ones because they show the potential of specialty coffee scene in the future.
Besides the great Brazilian Espresso we had, Pablo also offers batch brew in the Mochamaster, which is amazing considering he has just a tiny space to brew coffee. In this way, you can buy your prefered read, and leave with a perfect clean cup of coffee with you.
Congratulations NEWS AND COFFEE!



This is another review that we love, because you do not usually expect to find specialty coffee, but that make a perfect match. We are talking about a bar / restaurant – with specialty coffee, merged in a great book store!
The amazingly big and rich library in Raval, (central library) is the right spot for book geeks. We could see the great movement they have, being a reference in the city wit book portfolio and hosting many events in its two units (Raval and Carrer Mallorca). Their session of gastronomy (our preference of course) was very rich even with some books of coffee.
BAR CENTRAL use the beans of RIGHT SIDE, and La Marzocco Machine. We had an espresso and a Flat White in Bar Central, well extracted. The bar has a great place to hangout outside with a garden, perfect spot to buy a book and read a little bit with a good coffee. They also serve food on a daily basis, but this time we could not taste it. We could not find filtered coffee options but the fact that they have specialty coffee in it is already a huge progress.
We were very happy to find this place, because it shows the culture of good quality of coffee that we pursue and defend so much is settling its roots not only in cafeterias and obvious specialty coffee places. So it is our duty to share it and encourage more and more places to take the specialty coffee flag!! Congrats BAR CENTRAL! 


A little bit more than a year from now (December 2019) separates us from the La Cava Cakery opening in Barcelona, but it is already a fact that this delicious place for cupcakes, cava, and coffee of course – is already a food mark for the city.
The way they handle and make their cupcakes and the Catalan cava (made in Villafranca de Penedes) are awesome! Two kinds of cava (white and rosè) to pair with their large variety of the most delicious cupcakes we might ever have tasted: the salted caramel cupcake and then the espresso were incredible!
They serve the great and consolidated FAMILIA OSORIO espresso, extracted in a gorgeous VICTORIA ARDUINO Black Eagle Machine machine which allows it to have all the flavours a good coffee should have. Filtered coffee is also available!
La Cava Cakery also sells online and can be a perfect ask for private parties or celebrations. As we already said, they are so great that have won the best desert and best place to eat in BCN of TRIP ADVISOR.
On this day we visited we happened to encounter their MKT team with some of our friends and they asked us to take a picture to share in their profile! We can only thank you guys. The service inside was great, we were told about which coffee they had and also guided through the pairing.
Thanks very much! Those cupcakes will be forever hunted by us!


Eroica Cafe Barcelona is surely a singular spot in Barcelona. Well known by ciclism enthusiasts, the cafe has a mix of sportive events gathering, restaurant, ice cream shop and the cafeteria. The passion for ciclism, can be seen in all the details of this vast space in Eixample.
Being an Eroica space, it had to be great in matter of concerning with food, and product selection, very valued in Italian culture. Fortunately, this time, we could enjoy a full meal experience there. We began choosing a Caprese Salad, that was a reinterpretation of the common Caprese seen around: tomatoes could only be seen in a tiny jelly spot above the tasteful burrata, but the combination of flavours of the dish was perfect! As for main dish we ordered a ragu pappardelle that was astonishing: fresh pasta, homemade sauce made our night.
After that, we met Miguel, the owner – and complimented him for the great food we had, and he told us a brief story of why he chose to work with FAEMA machines in his café: he has an old background in cycling and he remembered FAEMA as being a cycling team in the past (when FAEMA decided to invest heavily in marketing in the 70´s, supporting cycling teams in a very assertive decision) – but did not know they had so much quality and innovation in espresso machines (in 1961 they invented the first machine that did not use the lever because of a volumetric pump and also did the pre infusion of the ground bean before the extraction). Has that been said, he decided to unite his passion with bicycles and specialty coffee that he recently learned and never left anymore.
The espresso was extracted to perfection – even crema, not one sign of bitterness and great colombian beans roasted by ANIMAL COFFEE.
Eroica also organizes a series of events of cycling around the region, and has events even for people who are willing to start in this world: no pre skills required and no one left behind. The space inside is huge, they even have an APPEROL thematic tricycle (classic italian drink) and many flavours of artisan italian Ice Cream. So we really recommend you to have something to eat in this amazing spot on our MAP, or at least pass by and have a sip of a great espresso.


If you want to go to a place in which you can work, eat well, and drink good coffee for a great value, you must try Brooklyn Cafe. Located near Plaza de Francesc Macia, and 5 minutes walk from the Hospital Clinic station, you will find a spacious coffee there.
Brooklyn Cafe roasts its own coffee and also offers roasted coffee to go in great glass packings that are reusable. The food is great and has good value. We could not taste it because we were in a hurry, but it looked great. As we could notice the place has a good flow of people, which makes it easy to have it always fresh. Sandwiches, bowls, and great-looking desserts.
We had the combo double espresso plus Flat white and both were great with a very sweet Colombian bean, extracted in the beautiful Kess Van der Westen machine!
They have free wifi for people who want to work there or hang around for a while. It will certainly be one of our workplaces the day we are around the region.
The feeling we had was that they could manage to do a big, and great value coffee shop, and still very worried about the quality and origin of its products. Perfect formula to democratize specialty coffee! Congrats!! 


Back in 2017, Dalston Coffee, a tiny coffee shop was born in Raval, inspired by the atmosphere of Dalston, a hip district of East London.
Borja is a chef. Before diving into the coffee world, he has been working for several renowned establishments. At this time, he didn’t really know about specialty coffee. He discovered this world after tasting a flat white in London. That very moment, he realized he was drinking something really different, a new drink actually.
For drink,
we had Finca El Salvador roasted by NOMAD, with chocolate notes and a very good body! This worked really well in the balanced cortado. The temperature was well balanced and the barista came with excellent recommendations.
For the espresso, we had a coffee bean from Honduras, which is very sweet and fruity. It did give a strong punch of almost sourness but the bold after-taste arrived in the end. A very complete espresso but perhaps a bit too specific for new beginners in the specialty coffee world.
The place is a true hole-in-the-wall place where people from all parts of society are grabbing a good quality cup of specialty on the go. The space inside is small, with a few decorative seats on the side. In addition to the coffee, the menu is simple with some food options from YELLOW BAKERY. Upon arrival we felt Borja’s passion for coffee, the atmosphere is modern but funky and the simple design lets the coffee vibe definitively stand out
A very unique and authentic coffee experience on the go!


Every time I passed in front of LULU BARCELONA I was either in a hurry or with something to do that did not allow me to stop by and at least grab a cup of coffee. All those times I have passed by, that being before the pandemic, the place was full of people and had great energy along the whole sidewalk. It took me more than one year living here to finally go there.
And it was a great surprise. Although I was already expecting something good due to the observed door movement, I was very satisfied with the whole experience. As it was a hot Saturday and we arrived at lunchtime without having had to breakfast we ordered a double espresso and an iced americano roasted by FAMILIA OSORIO (well done) to initiate and went straight to alcohol: a very fresh Bloody Mary and a Kombucha Mule!
And when our salmon salad arrived we were thrilled with the colors, freshness, and flavor of the plate. Lulu is very focused on natural and fresh ingredients so you won’t regret eating there. In “no Covid times” they also used to do some natural wine tastings and other nice events, and we are waiting for their return! The service is very warm, this time we were served by GENIA, one of the founders, that has let us be very comfortable and wanting to go back!
LULU is located in Born, is a pet (very) friendly, and it is one more BCN food and coffee gem!


In Saint Gervasi, one of the quietest and most residential neighborhoods of Barcelona, we found Kumara Cafe! It is a great coffee shop, opened in 2018, and run by its owner Julio. As we asked, he said despite the fact that it is in a more isolated region (not very touristic) of Barcelona, he ends up receiving quite a lot due to some Airbnb rentals nearby, and people enjoy the fact it is a specialty coffee shop.
Julio served us very well, and we ordered our basic combo of double espresso plus a Flat White. Both are
well-extracted coffee from Cafe de Finca. And as we had a little bit more time that day, sandwiches as well, which were great! Very fresh and well made.
The space is good inside, you can easily work there, and upstairs there is almost like a VIP space with very cool sofas if you are with a small group.
Finally, we could see great methods available there. Espresso, V60, Chemex, and the versatile TRINITY Machine, which Julio has since it was launched in Spain, and able to brew 3 or more methods in one! We recommend and will go back to try coffee in the TRINITYCUPS AND COFFEE


Very close to the CAMP NOU in Barcelona, but despite that, not on a very touristic route – there is a great coffee shop named CUPS and COFFEE. Owned by a very nice couple – they started a year and a half ago serving specialty coffee in Les Corts.
Their great service and quality of products served made them a very well-known cafeteria by locals and also by people who work in the neighborhood, as there are many offices around, especially medical services. Tony, the owner told me that most of their clients are locals who go mainly for espresso, but there are some loyal clients already on the morning responsible for ending their Moccamaster batch brew.
They are not roasters, so they usually work with the city`s most known brands, having Familia Osorio great coffee as the first choice for espresso, and then other brands such as Three Marks and Slow Mov for filtered methods.
Their cafe has a great space if you want to work from there and also counts with a space in the outside, perfect to enjoy your coffee in our always sunny Barcelona.
I had 2 double espressos from Familia Osorio, very well extracted, and left the place with a big smile on my face!


The first review of a specialty coffee shop in the surroundings of Barcelona had to be a very cool one. And SANTA CEREZA in Terrasa has really got my attention. As ironic as it could be, Santa Cereza is located side by side with a Nespresso Store in the main square of Terrasa, and if it were to impress someone who has just left the regular coffee store, they made it!
The decoration and architecture inside are great, a mixture of wooden furniture, black metal, and painted art on the walls make it pleasant to be inside, apart from the great space outside in the walkable square of the city. Few cafeterias, even in big centers such as Barcelona, have such great care with the aesthetics as Santa Cereza. Nico and Irene, the owners, deserve to be congratulated!
As for coffee, they have one of my favorite roasters and people in the coffee scene of Barcelona for espresso: Familia Osorio. As for filters they use also great and are known for their great jobs in direct trade: Right Side. I proved Ethiopia beans in a double shot, extracted from the beautiful Black Victoria Arduino seated in the bar, and it tasted delicious. Along with the coffee, a charming small croissant and a piece of paper with all the information about the coffee, another detail that I value so much.
Unfortunately, we were in a bit of a hurry after a great coffee route that the guys from Allways Coffee provided to us in our short visit to the city and could not meet Nico (we saw Irene just for a little while too) and stay longer, but let’s take it as an excuse to return with more time to this amazing specialty coffee shop in the outskirts of Barcelona!!

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