Barcelona, with its charming alleyways, modernistic art, and historical monuments is an easy favorite for those traveling in Spain. The seaside city welcomes with its breezy coastline and boundless culture. If someone was to define its personality, vivacious would be the word for it.
Dipped in history and tippled on strong beer, Barcelona offers experiences galore. Whether you’re a hedonist, aesthete, or a curious globetrotter, the city will have plenty in store for you.
To help you create the perfect itinerary, here is a list of 10 handpicked places to visit in Barcelona, and near all those places, we will guide you through places serving specialty coffee that figure in our map! 

Sagrada Familia

A Barcelona sightseeing tour is never complete without the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia. Known as Europe’s most unconventional church, the basilica lords the northern section of the city and offers a sight unavailable elsewhere. It was commissioned in the late 19th-century and has since been an unfinished edifice. Yet, it remains one of the most popular sights in Barcelona, and for a good reason – its spectacular design and a masterpiece of Antoni Gaudi.
The history of the basilica is as fascinating as its modern-art nouveau-gothic architecture. The historic monument is still in the making and is expected to be ready by 2026, more than a century after laying the first cornerstone.
After you visit the church, you can head to FARGO CAFÉ (just one minute walk from there), have great espresso, and digest the huge amount of beautiful images and culture you will have absorbed. Fargo is owned by Fernando and his wife, a lovely Argentinian couple that is experts in specialty coffee in this tiny cozy coffee shop. They work with many invited roasters from all over Europe and offer espresso and filter-based beverages, besides great healthy snacks, yogurt bowls, cakes, and bread.

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Barcelona Cathedral

Whenever the generic name of Barcelona Cathedral is mentioned, people often mistake it for the Sagrada Familia. The real name of this cathedral is The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia. It is also much older than the unconventional church with origins dating back to the 13th century. The architecture of this cathedral is also more familiar with Gothic and Gothic Revival elements decorating the façade of the cathedral.
The intricate design of the cathedral took two centuries to finish and yet the façade and central tower was completed centuries later in 1913. Cathedral’s famous gargoyles, mythical animals, and resident geese make it one of the famous Barcelona tourist attractions.
In this great part of town, composed of many narrow and old streets in which a car barely can pass through, you can find amazing gastronomy as well as specialty coffee spots. You will also be thrilled with their inside architecture. Try the tiny sweet dutch place LEKKER CAFE and CENTRAL BARCELONA, another emblematic coffee shop in the city!

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Park Güell

Park Güell is another one of the popular Barcelona sites to see when in the seaside city. Gaudi Museum is housed inside this park! Dotting this gorgeous place are several mosaic-covered buildings, a verdant park, artistic steps, and sculptures. Among its many unmissable highlights is also the Sala Hipostila which illustrates the colorful essence of Barcelona.
Another wonderful thing about Park Güell is that almost all of it is free. You could stroll through its scenic landscapes, climb the steps, and watch over the sweeping panoramas of the city. Its winding pathways are a pleasant surprise for enthusiastic wayfarers.
Park Güell is located in the extreme north of Barcelona, right after the charming neighborhood of Gracia, where great specialty coffee spots flourish. You may try LUKUMAS, which produces its own amazing Donuts, CANDELA CANELA famous for its great cinnamon rolls, and SYRA which is a great place to grab a coffee and walk around exploring Gracia after Park Güell.

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Camp Nou

Hurl FCB Flag high at the Camp Nou home stadium. It was in 1957 that Camp Nou replaced the old ground of Les Corts and became the new ground for all future matches. Today, the stadium is the biggest in Europe with a seating capacity of 99,354.
Guided tours are facilitated by the city that takes you through the sprawling field to the Barça Museum. During the tour, you are also free to roam about the benches where coaches and their teams sit. You are also allowed to climb the commentator’s box that overlooks the entire stadium and enter the visitors’ dressing room.
Very near to the stadium, you will be able to find 3 great specialty coffee spots, they are CUPS AND COFFEE, owned by a cool Catalan couple that put so much love into the food and coffee preparation. HIDDEN COFFEE, one of the most known brands of roasters in Barcelona with a great and complete offer of coffee and great talented baristas, and finally HIBRID CAFÉ, that offers NOMAD COFFEE beans as well as the great elaboration of meals.

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Casa Milà

What makes Casa Milà aka La Pedrera one of Barcelona’s main attractions is its modernistic architecture. One look at its conspicuous curves and you would tell it is another (and final) notch in Antoni Gaudi’s belt. Constructed between 1906-and 12, the Casa looks more like an artsy sculpture than a practical building.
Its fluid façade boasts unique rounded windows, inimitable plant-shaped balconies, and several watchful sculptures on the roof. Housed inside this elaborate building is Fundaciò Catalunya, a famous cultural center that organizes several events all year round, including operas and concerts.
Speaking about specialty coffee, you will be able to find amazing spots such as RESTAURANT CEIBO, LES FILLES CAFÉ, and FARGA

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Casa Batllo

Casa Batllo is yet another modernistic marvel by Antoni Gaudi and place to visit in Barcelona. When Josep Batllo bought and commissioned the reformation of the building, the idea was to demolish it and pave way for a unique house. But Antoni Gaudi refused to demolish it and redesigned the original edifice.
At a glance, no one could tell that hiding under Gaudi’s artwork is a humble piece of architecture by his professor Emilio Sala Cortés.
Today, the casa is a UNESCO World Heritage and offers cultural visits. The building is also used as a venue for several events. Its highlight is the dragon-roof block which was recently turned into a museum.
Just one block away from this great Gaudi masterpiece, you will be able to eat very well and have good coffee in two options: ATTIMO, which are coffee roasters and also offer a good variety of breakfast and lunch meals. And finally PARADERO, a nice and always busy brunch and tapas spot.

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Plaza Catalunya

Plaza Catalunya or Plaça de Catalunya is a large square and one of the top places to visit in Barcelona. It is regarded as the meeting point where the city center meets the Old Town. It is also at the Catalunya that you will catch the Aerobus to Barcelona Airport.
Interestingly, the square is round in shape and towered by many imposing buildings, fountains, and sculptures. Its popular sites include green patches of grass and trees, making the plaza a pleasant green oasis in the heart of Barcelona.
Visit the plaza during fiesta time and you will see it packed with onlookers tapping to the tunes of live music performances.
If you are hungry, go to LA ESQUINA, an amazing brunch place that usually has different offers of usual roasters that you find in Barcelona. DALSTON COFFEE is near too, and they usually have one roaster from Barcelona and others from abroad.

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Plaza España

Built-in 1929 during International Exhibition, Plaza Espana or Plaça d’Espanya is an important square in the city. The highlights of the square include a large Magic Fountain, famous twin Venetian towers, and the Las Arenas mall.
Plaza Espana cradles at the foot of Mt. Montjuïc. Before becoming the ultimate venue for the world exhibition, the beautiful square was used for public executions. Its new design was submitted by Josep Amargos and was narrowly done on time for the exhibition.
The most splendid sight of the plaza, its two Venetian towers are modeled on the San Marco Basilica clock tower in Venice. Each one is 47m high and flanks the lane that leads to the next beautiful sight – the Magic Fountain. Designed by Josep Maria Jujol, the fountain boasts a modernistic style that evidently takes inspiration from Gaudi. The statues were designed by the Spanish sculptor Miguel Blay Fabregas.
The final accent of the square, Moorish-style Las Arenas was a former stadium that held bullfights. However, the sport never pitched in the region leading the arena to be transformed into a modern shopping center.
This attraction demands a lot of walking because distances are usually far such as the towers and the museum of Catalunya, so you will definitely need energy and coffee. Go for MORROW, a consolidated cafeteria located a few steps from Las Arenas mall: Russian owned, they roast their coffee right there and the quality is astonishing, they also have some tables so you can work from there if needed.

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Barceloneta is a seaside Barcelona neighborhood that’s popular for its beach activities such as surfing and sunbathing. Given its hip coastal vibe, the district is teeming with al-fresco cafés, inviting restaurants, and tapas bars.
The bling at the Barceloneta beach never dims and the marinas are always packed with luxurious yachts. A serene promenade, lined with high palm trees, offers a breezy respite to the holidaymaker.
You can take a sweeping aerial view of the entire neighborhood from the Port Cable Car that flies over the Barceloneta and towards the Montjuïc hills.
BRUNCH AND CAKE is a good place to go, which is ideal for sitting down, relaxing, eating a good and energetic meal, and a good cup of specialty coffee to continue the journey throughout the city.

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Barri Gotic

The former center of the Roman City, Barri Gotic or the Gothic Quarter is a Barcelona must-see area for all aesthetes. Ringed with winding narrow streets, the area transports you into the medieval era. Tucked alongside its period alleyways are chic bars, restaurants, and clubs that continuously remind you of the modern days.
Flanking its cobbled pathways are antiquated buildings with imposing gothic facades. It was in this quarter where Picasso lived and worked from 1895 to 1904. Another prominent artist, Joan Miro was born in this zone and spent his youth in its labyrinthine streets.
The artsy quarter showcases several architectural gems like the City Hall, several Gothic churches including Santa Maria del Pi, and the ruins of the Roman Barcino. The aforementioned Barcelona Cathedral is also the inhabitant of the Gothic Quarter. Behind the cathedral stands the stunning Plaça de Sant Felip Neri with its baroque church.
The Barri Gothic is fulfilled with the most diverse cuisine and tiny restaurants that you will love to get to know. But if you are looking for a combination of good food and specialty coffee, try ENKEL, with its mouthwatering options of food, craft beers, and coffee of course. Another awesome choice is inside the restaurant of SOHO HOUSE, just arriving at the port area, which also offers specialty coffee.

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