10 Best Specialty Coffee Shops to Enjoy a Filter Coffee in Barcelona

10 Best Specialty Coffee Shops to Enjoy a Filter Coffee in Barcelona

At BCN Coffee Guide, we are always looking for the best coffee experiences that Barcelona has to offer. Today we begin a three-part series on the best coffee shops to enjoy a specialty brewed coffee in the city. In this first installment, we will explore some of the most notable places that offer a unique experience for filter coffee lovers.

1. D•Origen Coffee Roasters

Located in Casa Calvet, in Eixample, D•Origen Coffee Roasters stands out for its commitment to quality and sustainability. Here, each cup of filter coffee is a work of art, prepared with great attention to detail and using carefully selected and roasted beans. Highlight for the architecture of the entire establishment that opened at the beginning of the year 2024: it is super pleasant to enjoy your filtered coffee there and chat with the baristas who can explain details about the coffees you order.

2. Abyss Coffee Roasters

In Sant Martí, Abyss Coffee Roasters offers an exceptional experience for filter coffee lovers. With a selection of high-quality beans from around the world, their expert baristas prepare each cup with precision and passion, ensuring unmatched flavor. They have their impressive toaster on display in a very nice place.

3. Nømad Coffee Lab & Shop

Nømad Coffee Lab & Shop in Ciutat Vella is a benchmark in the specialty coffee scene in Barcelona. Their dedication to excellence and focus on innovation make each cup a unique experience. In addition, it stands out for its wide variety of origins and processes, which can be enjoyed in its modern and cozy space.

4. Brew Coffee

Located near Plaza Urquinaona, Brew Coffee is known for its cozy atmosphere, different methods of high-quality filtered coffee, and highly trained staff. Here, baristas focus on bringing out the natural flavors of the beans, offering an authentic and delicious experience in every cup. Brew Coffee is practically a filter playground: look at the bar and shelf and you may see a method you’ve never seen before in your entire life. Liu and his team are always looking for interesting things to offer their customers that also serve as training for filter coffee extractions.

5. Sensory Coffee Roasters

Sensorial Coffee Roasters in Poblenou is a gem for coffee lovers. With their own roaster, they ensure that each bean is perfect for their coffees. Their attention to detail and passion for coffee make this place a must-attend.

Fargo Café

In the charming neighborhood of La Sagrada Familia, Café Fargo offers a unique experience with its filter coffee. The coffeeshop is well known for its multiroaster approach: you will definetely taste many roasters from abroad throughout the year! The warm and friendly atmosphere is perfect for savoring a carefully prepared filtererd coffee cup while enjoying a good book or a quiet conversation. When leaving the shop, delight yourself with the pretty view of the Sagrada Familia

Bond Café

Bond Cafè, located in Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, is renowned for its meticulous attention to filter coffee preparation. With a selection of premium beans and precise brewing methods, each cup delivers a burst of flavors that will delight any coffee lover. It also stands out for its excellent food options. Oriol the owners will be there most certain, and he will be pleased to talk about the coffees being served that week!


Near Plaza de Francesc Macià, OMA COFFEE combines a friendly ambiance with a passion for specialty coffee. Their filter coffee is prepared with great care, highlighting the unique flavor profiles of each bean origin. It’s a perfect spot for a quiet break amidst the city’s hustle and bustle. Highlight for their «inverted layout» where the barista is faced back the client where preparing the coffee – meaning you are able to see all the «backstage»!

ānāpāna coffee

ānāpāna coffee in Les Corts offers a filter coffee experience focused on quality and meditation. Their emphasis on the brewing process and the serene atmosphere of the place make each visit a relaxing and rewarding experience. Have a talk with Olivia, the founder – and she will be more than pleased to explain and offer their coffees and distinguished food with a lot of oriental approaches

NEØ Coffee House

Located in the Sants neighborhood, NEØ Coffee House is a must-visit for any filter coffee lover. Their commitment to quality and innovation in coffee preparation ensures an exceptional experience with every visit. The shop is also 100% vegan and has super great food offer beyond their also cosy service, usually provided by the couple that has founded it and their baristas

For the best filter coffee in Barcelona, these specialty coffee shops are top picks. Discovering the best coffeeshops in Barcelona starts with visiting these exceptional spots.

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